Called to serve in the Arizona, Tempe Mission
August 2009 through August 2011

Mission Home Address
Arizona Tempe Mission
1871 E. Del Rio Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282-2822

Current Address:
P.O. box 1115
Show Low, AZ 85901

Saturday, November 27, 2010

We had your Missionary sons over for Thanksgiving lunch today. What remarkable young sons you have here in Arizona. it was beautiful and sunny today and they wanted to show you the fruit on the trees and the flowers in full bloom as they know you are in knee deep snow.
lol! We send you thanksgiving greetings from them and know that they are serving with great enthusiasm and effort. They are such a blessing to the area. All our best to you and your families.Enjoy the attached picture. The Edward and LeAnn Basha Family

His Arizona Look!

He even bucks hay in missionary gear!

They all helped with the Stake's Rodeo that had 3000 people in attendance on November 19th

The missionary team even got to wrestle a steer!

They did it!
However, Jason was the only one who would take the bull by the horns --and luckily it was only a small prick in the middle of a big bruise as proof!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happenings in Chandler August to November

Jason hit his year mark in Chandler. He said it was crazy for him to think it has already been a year because it doesn't seem that long ago! Chandler is a lot different than Globe and is a very nice area of the mission. He covers 6 wards so that keeps them really busy. It was hot! hot! hot! Getting up to 115 degrees many days! In October it came back down to the 90's and now it is nice enough weather that they can go outside with out sweating!

One day they got caught in the hardest down pour that he has ever seen. They couldn't get into anyones house so they got drenched! Luckily it only lasted about half an hour. It felt much better than the 110 degrees before the storm!

Nikki was finally able to get baptised on November 6th! He was able to quit smoking which is a miracle-- as he is 80 years old and has smoked since he was 8!

Britney was also baptized on November 6th. She is 15 years old!

This Wednesday they had a missionary rodeo at the farm Jason lives at. Money was tied to some steers and chickens for the chase. They had a blast! It was a fun activity with the cooler weather being a welcome change from the heat!

Globe Rocks!

Picture of the copper rocks that use to be mined in Globe.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happenings in Globe in June and July

Debbie and Taylor's Baptism on July 24th

Our pet tarantula!

Things have been good in Globe!

President and Sister Craig finished their 3 years as mission president and left for their home in Bountiful. President Howes is our new mission president and lives close by in North Salt Lake. They are both really awesome presidents!

It has been really hot but I am getting use to it!

I got to stay another transfer in Globe, so that makes over 6 months here, with a new companion Elder Vanerdose from Georgia.

Our pet tarantula only feels like a bee sting if it bites and the scorpion we caught at night using a black light as they glow in the dark!

On the 17th of August I was transferred to an area back by Gilbert! It is called Chandler and I am looking forward to meeting wonderful people there!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

April, May and 1st week of June in Globe


Hey everybody,

Well I am still in Globe and Elder Owens and I are still companions. It will be nice because it 10 degres cooler up here than down in the valley.

Things are going well, we have a baptism on the 17th, so that is really good! We are still helping her and her husband to stop smoking. They have been doing really well at it. I just hope she doesn't smoke because it will have to be pushed back if she does. She has been doing really well at it so I don't have to worry too much. And everthing else is going well. It like 80's now but it feels nice so I'm not complaining.

We do tract in Globe because it's not like Gilbert where its 75% members. We try to find people other ways if we can but we tract if we have nothing else.

The baptism did go on Saturday and it was really good. A lot of her husbands family came down from Winslow, AZ. It's a small ranching town so the people that came down were big cowboys with their huge mustache and they all had their black wrangers with there cowboy boots and bolo ties; it was really funny. But anyways things are good. We are looking for more people to teach, like always, so that's fun. Mothers day is coming up so keep thinkin of those questions! I love ya all!


Things are going well down here it hit 90 degrees yesterday, so things are starting to warm up. We had a lesson with this guy that we were teaching a couple weeks ago and he just disappeared. Then he showed back up and he wants to be baptized so that was really cool.

Well so Jack had a cigarette so we have to push the baptism back but he still wants to be baptized. So we are planning to set up another date soon.

Another transfer and I am still in Globe with Elder Owens. That is good, it will make six months at the end of this transfer. But I really like it up here. We haven't put Jack on date yet but he has a set date for quiting smoking so that will be good. Oh yeah, you will like this, I gave a talk on Sunday. That makes 6 on my mission so far. I have spoken in all the wards that I have served in.

I enjoyed the pictures that you sent. Sam is getting pretty big now!

We got to go to the Mesa Temple this morning as a zone. We had to spend the night down there because we are an hour and a half away from anybody so that was fun. Well things haven't changed too much this last week we have started to teach one new lady who wants to get baptized. Her name is Dina. She just told her friend one day that see was going to church with her. And she came and really likes its so that was really cool. Last Sunday they broadcasted the Gila Valley Temple dedication so we got to watch that instead of church.

We still are working with Jack and are going to try to put him back on a baptism date this week when we meet with him again. So... Yeah that's what's happening here in Globe. It is getting a little hotter now but its not to bad yet. But anyways glad everything is going well back home. Oh yeah, Aaron and Emily look a lot older and Aaron looks bigger than John. I'm sure John loves that! Ha Ha. Well anyways love ya all!!

Love Jason


Hey everybody,

Well things are going good down here. It is starting to heat up alittle bit outside, but not too bad yet, though it might be in a couple of weeks! Yesterday we had our last interveiw with President Craig. That was really cool, he plans on following up on all of us after our missions. The new mission president comes the first week of July. He is also from Bountiful and lives on Bountiful Boulevard. His name is President Howes. So maybe Grandpa or Gordon knows him.

Well nothing too new. We are working with the same people and they still want to get baptized we just have to work over some obstacles. Im sending a few pictures i hope you like the one of the lizard mom ha ha!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hike to Picket Post 3-31-10

Hey everybody! Well things are good, this morning we just hiked up this huge mountain called Picket Post. It was really crazy-- really steep-- we had to climp up a few cliffs-- it was sweet! Here are some pictures. It's pretty funny they have a mail box on the top people say it takes 6 months for the letter to be sent. But anyways things have been good this week. We have a baptism on the 10th, so that will be good. I just hope I'm still be up here as transfers are next week.
Love Jason

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey everybody,
Well, everything is good up here. I'm not as busy in Globe but it is alot different than Gillbert. In Gilbert my area had the highest conentration of members in the mission. The stake was about 3 or 4 square miles with like 10 wards in it. So missionary work is alot different than everywhere else. In Globe there are a lot of members, they are just all inactive so alot of the time we are doing reactivation and stuff, but it keeps us busy. I have also tracted some. My new address is: 125 Lane Apt. A, Globe, AZ 85501
Love Jason

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Janurary 26, 2010

Hey everybody,
Well thing have been good this week it rained and snowed this week. We got like 10in of rain in a couple of days then last Friday we woke up to about 6 in of snow. So that made it fun, But Globe is built on really steep hills so im glad our truck is 4x4. But anyways things are going good we hade a baptism last Sunday. It was a 9 year old girl and her 8 year old brother. Their parents were inactive and just started to come back to church as we were teaching their kids so it is really cool to see them become active.
Um... you, Mom, have to talk
on Sunday, but i quess just talk about how much it has blessed my life and yours and how much it changes peoples lives. i guess you can figure it out, you know how to talk forever!

im still trying to figure out the area. It's kinda wierd going from a 1 square mile to a big area, but it's fun trying to figure out were i am at, but other than that things are good. Oh yeah i will have a new adress we are moving to a new appartment because the one we are in has a huge water leak. We caught like 10 gallons of water when it rained so that was fun but ill let you know when i know what it is.
Love ya Jason

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jason has been transferred! 1-13-10

Hey everybody! Well I'm in Globe now-- its a little mining town. It's kinda in the mountains but its still desert out side but it will be fun. It kinda reminds me of Urieka( dad should know were that is). But I do have a truck now so that is kinda cool. Oh yeah my new adress is 769 E Prickley Pear Dr # B, Globe AZ 85501 or you can send stuff to the mission home it will just take longer to get it. My new comp is elder Deakins. He is from Iowa. Um other than that thats about all I know right now but I'll let you know next week Love ya all talk to ya later,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jason's Happy New Year

"We had the privilege of feeding your sons tonight on New Years Eve. They have a special spirit about them, and are clearly enjoying their missions.
Thank you for sharing them with us. We are lucky in that their mission President allows them to eat with the members. I feel that helps in knowing that your sons are getting at least one good meal a day, and in their finances. Our son is in Jacksonville, Florida, and his President does not allow them to eat with members, unless there is an investigator there.
We took the pictures and thought we would share them with you. A mom cannot get too many pictures of their sons as they serve. They are well and happy!"
Karen Rogers,

We just received these pictures and a note from one of the members in his ward. They are so kind and thoughtful in sharing these with us!!