Called to serve in the Arizona, Tempe Mission
August 2009 through August 2011

Mission Home Address
Arizona Tempe Mission
1871 E. Del Rio Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282-2822

Current Address:
P.O. box 1115
Show Low, AZ 85901

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jason's Letter 12-05-09

Jason's Letter 12-05-09
I got a new companion, Elder Walser. he is fro the Seattle area and he's been out for about 10 months. We moved to a different apartment that is closer to our area so its a little different but it's been good. Today we had a baptism. It was a kid named Elijah, we have been waiting for a few weeks for him to get baptized. Its really cool, his friend Luish is baptizing him and he is from Mosanbic, Africa. He is really cool, he always goes with us to lessons and bears a powerful testimony. Oh yeah, I can't admit it but it's starting to get cold. It is about 40 degrees outside at night, and 60 degrees during the day.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here is Elder Newhall, Elder Gibson, and Alex, a girl that they taught and baptized.



Hey everybody,
Wow, that’s crazy that grandpa is engaged, well I guess it will be good for him. I did get the card and your pin thing was a little weird but I think I got it. This week has been good we went to the temple on Halloween night it was really good. The weather is really nice still but everybody else is cold. There wasn’t much happening this week, we are teaching a lot of people though. We have a baptism this week some time when ever the kid can pick a date that he can do it so that is good. Well hope every thing is going good back home, oh yeah tell Aaron to change the oil in my car I thinks it up. I can’t think of anything really that I need yet. Ill let you know if I do, love ya all tons!


Hey everybody, thanks for the treats, every body ate them so they were happy you sent them. That’s good that everybody is doing well and that the swine flu is on the down swing. Oh yeah it was good to hear from Robyn this week. Oh yeah tell Aaron it was a lucky shot haha just kidding, that’s good that he finally got one after 4 years of going.
Well this week has been good we just put someone on date this week she a 12 year old girl that lives with her grand parents, and has had the missionaries over for a couple of years but she didn’t like them that much but she likes me and elder Gibson a lot I guess I always help her with her math homework when I’m over there. I wish I could just do that type of math and not calculus. She came to sacrament meeting for the first time on Sunday because we had to talk. Oh yeah tell the bishop that I’ve already talked twice so that makes up the time I didn’t use back home. And everything else is going well down here the weather is still really good it, although it does get a little cold in the morning. Oh yeah mom if you could send me my monster jacket for the morning that would be nice and I cant think of any thing else well I got to go.


Well I haven’t got your email so I’m sure you forgot but anyways. This week has been good we didn’t have anything to big happen. The weather is really nice and I did get my sweater thanks for shipping that to me. Oh yeah transfers are in two weeks so I might be moving then just to let you know well I cant think of anything else talk to ya later.
Love Jason


Hey everybody, Thanks for the package, the jerky was really good. Trapper emailed me and said he got his also. He was really thankful that you sent it. Well this week has been really busy we have been teaching a lot of people. We have 2 people that are getting baptized this Saturday one of them is a 12-year-old girl she is really funny she acts like she is 14 or 15 and she is really blunt to us but she likes us, which is lucky. The other one is a 17 kid who was almost baptized but his parent wouldn’t let him but now they will so that is really cool. Well sorry I’m not going into more detail but I have 3 minutes on the computer so I have to be short well ill let you guys know how it went next week have a happy Thanksgiving!

Love ya all



Hey everybody I’m glad you had a good thanksgiving. That’s weird about my car it did the same thing last year on the driver side the brake got rusted shut. Well any ways sis Dinsdale read me the email you sent me she said she would send the pictures some time this week and I have pictures I need. Our thanks giving was good we had a really good dinner than we were back out doing we do every day. Oh yeah transfers were today and I’m stay in the same area but my address is different I don’t know it yet but ill let you know when I find out what it is. I got a new companion he seems really cool so that will be good. That cool Aaron got to go back to dc that will be good for him. Well sorry the letters short my companion doesn’t have a library card so we have to share. Ill talk to you guys later.

Love ya



Well hey every body,

Well this week has been good it has been a little chilly it got down to 37 degrees last night so I did wear the jacket you sent me. Oh yeah and it dose rain in Arizona it rain all day on Monday so it made riding a bike suck. It only rains like 3 times a year. I did send you a letter with my new address on it so you probably got that today or yesterday.

Um we did have a baptism this last week it was kind of crazy the kid decided on Thursday night that he wanted to get baptized on Saturday so we had to throw every together and try to get everybody there it turned out good though. Um oh yeah my companion is Elder Walser he is from the Seattle area. He is a pretty cool kid. Oh yeah that is really cool that Aaron roommate wants a Book of Mormon tell good job on the missionary work. Oh yeah tell Emily happy birthday and I’ll send her gift with the Christmas gifts. Well I got to get going well love you all lots


(P.S. mom can you find my camera cord so I can send pictures through email)



So I sent a letter home with my address and some pictures like a week and a half ago I don’t know if you got or not but let me know if you did. Oh yeah did you get the suit tailored because it was a short on the arms and the pants. Um... You need to ask? In your email because I have really have no idea what to tell you guys. But this week has been good we had our mission Christmas conference so the whole mission was there so that was cool. Um... well I think that’s about it well ill talk to ya next week

Love ya Jason

(P.S. you should write more so I know what’s going on at home)


Hey everybody,
Well I just wrote a letter than I accidently just deleted it so this one wont be as long. I did get the suit yesterday and its a little short on the arms and tight on the chest so I’ll have so see if it works. Um I’ll try to call in the morning I don’t know what time early is so if I miss them tell Robyn she will just have to write me. So yeah... Um this week has been good it did rain yesterday so it can rain in Arizona but nobody is out side. But anyways I guess I’ll just talk to ya on Friday!
Love ya


Jason called at 8 am Christmas morning. He sounded really good. Everyone got to talk to him, even Robyn and Blake on a 3-way call. One of the members there let him and his companion call on their cell phone. That was very thoughtful and generous of them. They didn’t really have a time limit but we knew of course Jason wouldn’t talk long, as you can tell from his letters. They are teaching 8 or 9 people right now. He is in charge of 3 wards and a singles ward. The less wealthy wards are more interested in helping with referrals for the missionaries, but they all like to feed them. Jason said that he hasn’t gained any weight. He ate dinner in a 5 million dollar home on Christmas Eve! There are so many kind and generous people watching out for the missionaries in Gilbert, which is so comforting for his mom!!

So far Jason has been safe on his bike. His companion flew over the handlebars once! And no dogs have chased them either. There area is one mile square so he knows it very well by now! They were going to be visiting their investigators on Christmas day so he was looking forward to that. He was also preparing a talk for Sunday’s Sacrament Meeting about the Savior!

He sends everyone his love!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jason's October Happenings

Here are the updates from Jason for the month of October. As you can see he is not a very wordy writer. And who taught him English!!??

Oct. 7th

Thats cool that there having a boy! is that what they wanted? but any ways it been really good this week. something crazy happened though this guy we were teaching tried to jump of a bridged an kill himself and he called us when he was on the bridge and we heard the cops trying to talk to him, oh yeah he didn't jump. so yeah that was a wierd night. he caused the freeway to shut down 12 lanes of traffic so it was backed up for a couple miles. so the weather is really nice now its in the 80 in the day and 50 in the night. well i cant think of anything else
love ya all

Oct. 14th
hey every body,
Well this week has'nt been as crazy. oh yeah to fill you in on the story the guy didnt jump, the cop talked him out of it. it was crazy he called us when the cops were talking to him and we heard about 15 minutes of it. and we were with a diferent cop about half a mile down the road and they wanted us to stay there in case they needed us or something so yeah it was weird. oh yeah we haven't had any doors slammed in our face, ive only knocked on like 10 doors. we dont have to do that alot in arizona most of the people we find are member referrals so it makes it easy for us. And everbody is sick down here. we give alot of blessing and we have alot of hand sanitizer with us. Well anyways, tell aaron im going to try to get an autograph of that red socks pitcher his name is bruce hurst. well got to go love ya

Oct. 21st

hey, well i didnt get transfered so im stay in gilbert. which is nice and i still have elder gibson as my companion. there are alot of people who are sick down here my comp. was sick last week too he was about ready to fall over but he is better now so thats good. i hope the rest of you guys dont get it. oh yeah i havent got bruce hurst autograph yet. well every thing is going good over here it still feels really good out side. and we had another babtism last saturday it was a girl that was 18 and going to our singles ward for almost a month with out us knowing. and she wanted to be baptised the first time we talked to her so that was cool. well anyways i think thats about all i have so ill talk to you later.

Love jason


hey everbody, well im still not sick, so thats good. Everybody is still getting sick down here though. thats cool there is snow on the ground up there. today has been the coldest day so far that i have been out, its like 60 somehing and everybody here is freezing its kinda funny everybody's wearing jackets and coats. I think it feels really good personally.
Well everything is going really good we have another baptism set up for the 7th of next month. its this 16 year old kid that has wanted to be baptised for awhile but his dad wouldnt let him, but his dad will let him now so thats good. oh something crazy happend this week we were eating dinner with this family on sunday and they are related to the gunnels in mount sterling, and he is from bountiful and remembers playing with duane or somebody as a kid. he said they played baseball together and shot birds all the time. he moved when he was like 12 he said i cant remember his first name but his last name is gunnel so that was really cool. well that pretty much all i have for this week so ill talk to ya later
Love Jason

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First companion

Here is Jason with his first mission companion in Gilbert Arizona, Elder Gibson, who is from Oklahoma. Gilbert is 20 miles east of Phoenix. Jason is having a great time there!

Jason's new blog

So... Kaylyn had the great idea of creating a blog for Jason while he is on his mission in Tempe Arizona. We will try to upload his letters and pictures on a regular basis to keep everyone up to date! btw if you would like email Jason, you can send him an email at but don't expect a reply, because he can't email other than immediate family. But I am sure he would love to hear from anyone!!! :)